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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:57 pm    Post subject: Show 466.1

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Chat about the midweek micro here...
Cachin' with my sweetie...
Sandy of Team PodCacher

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PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 10:11 am    Post subject:

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Downloaded and listening now. Thanks

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Ranger Fox

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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 1:49 pm    Post subject: Glass app information

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(Thanks to the person who mentioned the show to me. I haven't heard Podcacher in at least five years, actually. And, by the way, there is a space in my handle.)

For a very quick UI demonstration of the Glass app, go here.

A few clarifications on Google Glass:
-- Glass does not have GPS hardware.
-- To load apps ("glassware"), you need to download a companion app for Glass.
-- The companion app uses your smartphone's GPS, provides a data connection for Glass (it prefers Bluetooth), generates QR codes for you to scan to connect to hotspots, and allows you to load additional apps (called "Glassware") onto Glass.
-- You can also use your smartphone's WiFi hotspot and the companion app to connect to Glass to see the screen Glass is presenting. The app calls this a "screencast." There is a delay of close to two seconds with a screencast.

So, about the video I created:
-- The app I created was in fact Glassware and was running directly on Glass.
-- My iPhone, through the Glass companion app, was providing it updates on the location as I walked.
-- The arrow moved, the distance counted down, and I could see some general information about the cache. In a later update video and app, I'd add the cache's hint, description, and logs.
-- The app I created was pulling (in a roundabout way) from the geocaching API. In other words, it was getting live data from gc.com. I'll get technical for a moment: when developing the Wherigo API, the app developers were having difficulty connecting to my WCF service, which has its bindings close to that of the geocaching API. The app developers wanted to use JSON to connect, but were having trouble, so I wrote a JSON addition to the Wherigo API and this has been working well. I encountered the same problem when developing the Glass app, so I took a shortcut and patched the Glass app through a Glass service powered by the Wherigo API to pull the geocaches. Since I'm a web developer and the Wherigo API was 100% complete, creating this online service only took about an hour of my time.
-- It would have been boring without the screencast.
-- The video was done all in one take. I only knew the general direction beforehand, though I did have my GPSr with me in case the test failed.

What needs to be done to release this to others?
-- Really, I just need to enable an OAuth passthrough so that, when the Glassware is installed, you log into gc.com through the Wherigo API (which is designed to be invisible to the end user).
-- I'd prefer to get the Glass service out of the Wherigo API, so I would need to apply for another geocaching API key.
-- I really need a loading screen.
-- Other than that, I can imagine several features (dictating field notes, loading from a pocket query, etc.).

Will I release this?
I'm not sure, but it would be neat. There's a time and large cost associated with this project. I'm fine with the $1,000/year Xamarin license, but I'd really like to recoup that cost so I can put it into either the Wherigo Foundation or travel-caching. The time part I'm not so sure because once you release something, people get ravenous for more. My main responsibility to both the community and Groundspeak is the Wherigo Foundation. I'm not so sure I could afford the time cost of managing two projects.

Anyway, I'm watching this thread in this forum. I'll answer questions when I have time. And, no, I do not plan to attend Geowoodstock.

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